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This is going to be happening….

Free online Telesummit for YOU: a great day to Start With Yourself as a path to your own FREEDOM!   Autumn, 2016
One week, 21+ interviews with experts from all over
the country, downloaded their wisdom in 25-minute interviews.


Visionaries & Leaders

Hear from our local change-agents who are pioneering the most pressing issues of today. Come and be inspired to take action in your own life and make an impact globally.


Fitness Experts

Finding physical movement you love can often be challenging for many reasons. Come experience new fitness concepts, experientially and not only will you be surprised at how fun it is, you might be good at it too!


An Opportunity

Start With Yourself. Meet yourself where you are and in doing so you will be able to give that much more. How you do anything is how you do anything, nothing is in the particular. Every thought and action is directly tied to our legacy. Feel the urgency to step up for yourself!

How are you doing with your Health GOALS?

Questions for you to answer:

1. Are you thriving or in other words, ROCKIN’ it?
2. Do you know your PURPOSE? In other words, do you know yourself and how is your self-awareness?
3. What are you thinking about? Do you Meditate? Do you often have cyclical thinking? Can you control your thoughts?
4. What are your GOALS? Create the goals that inspire you so you can live your dream now
5. Time Management: Are you able to take consistent and inspired action?
6. How is your Energy in the afternoon?
Are you eating the right foods for you? Are you doing the right exercise? Are you sleeping at the best time for your genetics?
7. Do you feel STUCK? How to deal with the blockages.
8. Relationships 101: How are your friendships and relations feeling?
9. Extra Resources: Are you giving back?
10. The Ultimate Connection: With Source and with Yourself. Do you feel connected?

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