Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss



Being severely overweight (over fat) increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory distress, arthritis and other issues that you do not want (or perhaps you already have). So how do we lose weight without gaining it back? In order to achieve your goal of losing weight (fat specifically) sensibly you need to embrace a multi-faceted approach.

Chinese Medicine is an approach to health that bases its foundation on studying nature, the elements and the animals.
Clinical research into the efficacy of Chinese Medicine for weight loss suggests that its approach can inhibit fat production, enhance intestinal peristalsis to increase stool clearance, improve blood circulation, and speed up the metabolism. Acupuncture plays a key role in this, but understanding certain diet and lifestyle adds to your success as well as herbal medicine.
In the West, we spend millions of dollars on diet and exercise programs.  And the results usually don’t yield intended weight loss but rather short-term weight loss followed shortly by rebound weight gain.

Most of us struggle with weight regulation because much of our focus is solely on the amount of calories consumed and burned as though those are the only parameters considered for weight loss. However, we are missing a crucial piece that Traditional Chinese Medicine considers which is the element of how our bodies are functioning.  A missing piece of the weight-loss equation has to do with energy.  This is not the energy we traditionally think of as the energy we consume as food or the energy we expend through exercise. Rather, this is the energy that is responsible for our vitality, controls our body’s function and well-being.  If that energy is strong and well-balanced, our ability to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight is tremendously enhanced.

If you want to discover if Chinese Medicine is for you, please call and make an appointment for sustainable weight loss and move into feeling better than you ever have.



Guiding Principles of Optimal Health and Fitness

LeTa is changing healthcare and inspiring individuals to live healthier lives through integrative and holistical medical care, education and online programs.

Guiding Principles  
As a health practitioner, me and my staff follow these guiding principles:

– We practice reverent participatory relationship
– We strive to be an emotionally intelligent organization
– We practice integrative health care by:

Paying attention to mind, body, and spirit
Being aware of the interconnectivity of systems
Practicing collaboration between state-of-the-art medical care and proven complementary therapies
Honoring the needs of both the patient and practitioner in the context of the therapeutic relationship

– We recognize there are many paths to healing
– We support healing through expert research and outcomes scrutiny
– We view each patient as an individual with complex evolving needs
– We create an environment of compassion and caring
– We understand our role as co-participants in the healing process
– We reflect the interconnectedness of All
– We share leadership and responsibility
– We are discerning without being judgmental
– We ask for what we need and give what we can
– We honor our commitments
– We position one another for success
– We maintain integrity in all we do
– We honor each other and the Circle
– We exceed the expectations of those we serve
– We have fun
– We are a financially viable business

Sensitivity vs. Allergy

Sensitivity vs. Allergy

It is very important to distinguish the difference between a food sensitivity and a food allergy.  A food allergy creates a severe reaction in the person which may involve swelling of the face, body rashes, airway obstruction and even death.  Think of a peanut or shellfish allergy.  These people are in an emergency state when they eat these foods.  A food sensitivity on the other hand is something that produces low grade and late onset symptoms that often times will not be associated with the symptoms they produce.  A gluten sensitivity for example may produce headaches, joint pain or fatigue days later.  This is almost worse since the person will generally continue to eat the offending foods and possibly induce larger more serious health problems.